Doggy Acupuncture In Hong Kong

I thought I'd seen it all.

Meet Oscar the poodle. Not content with Doggy Dial-A-Dinners, the latest wacko trend on the lunatic fringe of Hong Kong's pet-pampering community is, ...wait for it... pet acupuncture!

And apparently it works. According to Samuel Wong, a veterinary surgeon at the Cosmo Pet Service Centre, Oscar slipped a disc a few years ago and then couldn't walk. His owner had to wheel him about in a kind of pet pushchair. But after a year of weekly acupuncture sessions at the 'Animal Hospital Boarding House' in North Point, this lucky canine can now walk. Albeit with a bit of limp.

After seeing a total of twelve needles go in, I thought that was it, time to pack up and go down the pub. But no. Electrodes were then attached to the needles. And a current was switched on. Then the fluffy white poodle began to twitch. According to vet Wong, this effectively unblocks the qi from the doggy's meridians, allowing increased blood circulation. Those of you who are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will understand this technique, which is adapted from TCM for humans. I won't get into all that now, as there is plenty of information on TCM out there written by far more qualified, and less skeptical, people than me.

The sight of that poor quivering mutt, looking more like a pin cushion than a dog, will be permanently etched in my mind as one of the more warped sights I have ever witnessed in this town. And that's saying something. I should have shot this on video. Next time I will, so watch this space.


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