Invisible Graffiti - A Valiant Attempt by Greenpeace To Raise Awareness Of 'World Carfree Day' Tomorrow

Nice try.

Except no one was really looking at it. It's World Carfree Day tomorrow, and, like the bike ride eight days ago, Greenpeace were out in force to promote it. Except they weren't, as they delivered their message late last night or very early this morning when everyone was asleep.

Not wanting to belittle Greenpeace Hong Kong's efforts or their message in any way, I witnessed no one looking at their 'reverse graffiti' messages today. The 'clean green street art' pavement messages done by their spray-cleaning activists last night were being thoroughly ignored by the passing desk meat this morning. Not that it really matters too much, I guess, as most people walking around Causeway Bay probably got there by MTR or bus anyway. And people in Hong Kong walk very fast and are usually very preoccupied with livlihood issues like paying the mortgage, getting the kids through school, skin whitening and horse-racing. Just take a look, next time, at the frowns on the faces that pass you by in the crowd here. Then you will understand why no-one was paying the slightest bit of attention to the anti-car and climate change awareness messages delivered by Greenpeace in various shades of grey in Causeway Bay today.

And while we're on the subject of vehicular emmissions, check out this air pollution shot I took in Central this morning. Four people in one frame with their hands to their mouths, no less. That's a record for me. Whether that means the pollution is getting worse and more people are covering their faces, or I'm just getting better at shooting this subject matter, as the issue drags out over the years, I don't know. Maybe a bit of both.


It seems the government were emabrassed by GP's action. Here's a picture from the morning set that I didn't post on the 21st, the reason for that being that I don't think it's a particularly great shot:-

And here's a link to Apple Daily's report on what the government did in it's response. And for those of you too lazy to click on a link, here's a screen grab from that report.

Disproportionately, the Government covered that small section of Lower Albert Road in concrete. Duh! It would have been cheaper and more discreet to 'clean' the non-dirty graffiti with a high pressured water gun, and pretend nothing had happened, just like the the way their civil service brethren at the Inland Revenue did earlier that day. What kind of intolerant message are the government sending out about their policies on the environment with their petty-minded reactionary response? Lip service to fixing the climate problem, that's what.

(Thanks, Todd)

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