Hong Kong Shek O Beach... After Typhoon Koppu, (It's A Bull Market)

Sam, a long time Shek O resident, assured me today that the amount of plastics dumped overnight on Shek O beach by Typhoon Koppu is, "nothing compared to previous years."

Well, it looks pretty bad to me.

I found this plastic bull all washed up. I'm amazed he was still standing. A bit like the financial markets.

And this Ultraman superhero figure too. Missing one leg.

So I made a little installation. This photograph isn't photojournalism, by the way!

Because beach toys are so cheap, most people in Hong Kong choose to leave them on the beach at the end of a day, instead of taking them home. Then the plastic toys and other crap end up getting washed out to sea. But Typhoon Koppu dumped a lot of them as trash back on land last night, where it belongs. Where we humans can collect it and dispose of it properly.

This baby turtle looks like its trying to reach the ocean like a baby leatherback. Oh, the irony!

Luckily, my tax dollars were hard at work today. The beach got cleaned up by government contractors. Not that this makes it OK. It doesn't. But to many in Hong Kong, it does. So they do it again, and again. Every weekend.

Filthy homo sapiens keeps chucking the bright placky stuff right back into the sea, because he just doesn't care.

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