Hong Kong Climate Change Cycle Ride / Journalist Protest / ICC Lift Plunge Horror

Much as I support the message of today's cycle ride to publicize the upcoming World Carfree Day and to raise awareness among Hong Kong people about climate change, was it really necessary to have a PA system and a huge red inflatable arch over the start line... powered by a gasoline generator?

Wouldn't it have been great if today's event had had a zero carbon footprint? I do despair sometimes, because if the organizers can't even get it right, then what hope is there really for the climate in general and for Hong Kong in particular? 

On a lighter note, check out these boots.

I know cyclists have a reputation the world over for being a bit batty, but it was upwards of 30C today. This girl was even wearing wooly socks under her huge black leather combat boots. Let's take a closer look.

I know it's a fashion statement, but I bet her feet really stank when she took off her 28 hole boots later.

The mind really boggles as to why one would ever want to put oneself through such sweaty discomfort.

So here are all the cyclists lined up on the starting line. The cycle ride was from Central to Causeway Bay and back.

And this is what they had to breathe. Poisonous rocks in the air, a climate emergency.

I took this photograph of the pollution on Hong Kong side from just in front of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in West Kowloon. The ICC happens to be the city's highest building. And the reason I was there is because I was covering the tradgedy of five workers who died when a maintenance platform inside a lift shaft in the building gave way - sending them crashing 27 floors down to their death.

I had heard about the lift plunge horror whilst I was at a protest by Hong Kong journalists against the beating up and detention of three Hong Kong TV cameramen in Xinjiang Province by Chinese mainland paramilitary police earlier this month. I had to rush away from this scene.

Veteran journalist Ching Cheong was at the protest.

It was a busy day...

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